Together we can create meaningful change.

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Our role is bringing people together to invest in our community.

Creating change starts with listening to understand our community's needs and possible solutions. We also understand its complex indicators, history, cultures, influences, and conditions. Our role is to convene people, organizations, and resources to bring about change and a positive and lasting impact in the lives of residents. For more than two decades now, we've been identifying opportunities and leading or influencing change in education by providing training, support, and financial assistance to first-generation and low-income students and the organizations and institutions serving them; by investing in early childhood education, by addressing the social determinants of health such as food insecurity, education, transportation, housing, and economic prosperity. And we continue to support efforts that increase community engagement and vitality. We support charitable organizations and community groups working in the community who are essential partners in change. Only through our combined community investments can we make this possible. YOUR support makes this possible.

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An investment in our community is not just a financial contribution.

It’s harnessing the historical tenacity, innovation, and grit of those that live here that bring about change that matters.

Learn more about the community programs we’re impacting:

Investing in Children Coalition

YVCF’s Investing in Children Coalition (ICC) is the South Central Washington regional early learning coalition–one of 10 early learning coalitions in the state. The region is defined by the boundaries of the ESD 105 region and serves Yakima and Kittitas counties.

Act Six Leadership and Scholarship Program

Act Six is a proven model for college success and community leadership. Act Six brings together diverse, multicultural cadres of young people, many of whom are first-generation students who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities at home. Selected students participate in an intense teambuilding process to build lasting and supportive relationships with each other as they enter college. They receive leadership training and ongoing support throughout their college education, and they receive substantial financial assistance making college not just a dream but a real possibility. Act Six scholars complete college at significantly higher rates and most students return to their community to become influencers and leaders.

Jewett Youth Leadership Council

A youth-led group of high school students in the Yakima Valley creating a positive impact through philanthropy and leadership. The program includes a selection of diverse students who receive training about diversity, equity, our community, grantmaking, philanthropy, and non-profits. The annual cohort is given $50,000-$100,000 to grant in the Yakima Valley where they believe they'd like to make a difference. The generosity and forethought of Helen Jewett are helping us create young philanthropists and engaged young residents.