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Connecting people, resources and ideas to help our community thrive.

Invest in our community

Making an impact through equity.

At the Yakima Valley Community Foundation (YVCF), we invest in our local communities to create change. Our work is focused on equity in education, health, and civic engagement. We address complex conditions and systems, and provide opportunities for those who have been historically and frequently overlooked and left behind.

Our role is to guide strategic investments, provide community leadership, and grant to organizations for tangible impacts in the lives of those that call the Yakima Valley home.

Our Focus Areas

Focus one

Quality Education

Only 23.3% of adults in Yakima County have a college degree.

Focus two

Health & Wellness

21.1% of adults in Yakima County are uninsured.

Focus three

Civic Engagement

Voter registration increased by 0.97% in Yakima County from 2018-2019.

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Act Six Program and Scholarships

Identifying, training, fostering and funding first-generation, and disadvantaged college students to ensure success

The Vanished

Learn about efforts to find and solve Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

Find resources and apply for funding

See our programs and grant opportunities

Our Primary Roles

Connecting people and resources

Growing endowments and funds

Providing community leadership

See our impact in action

2021 Impact Report

Each charitable giving fund at YVCF has a story. It represents the causes you care about, the organizations you serve and the community that shaped your life. Thank you for letting us play a part in telling your story. We're simple better together.

Read the Report
Impact report

Yakima County. Our valley.

The Yakima Valley is culturally and geographically diverse, bringing with it unique challenges and opportunities for growth and development. We aim to improve decision-making and guide investments with relevant data.

Socioeconomic Factors

Yakima Valley ranks highest in socioeconomic disparity and environmental concerns in Washington State.

Access to Education

Schools in Yakima County receive $816 in levy revenue per student—compared to the $2,205 state average.

Income disparity

20% of Yakima residents live at or below the poverty line.


In 2020, Yakima County had 2.5 homeless persons per 1,000 residents.

Stay Informed

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